About me

about me

My name is Simon Désaulniers. I am a person who works in my daily life in math and computer science. I am interested in several subjects such as:

  • algorithmics;
  • computer languages;
  • IT security and cryptography;
  • computer software and tools;
  • distributed systems;
  • free and privacy-friendly software;
  • algebra;
  • etc.

My interests go beyond computer science and math, of course. I particularly like languages, culture, music, politics and video games.

The content of my website

On this website, I expose different concepts, notions or practices on different subjects. I like to share my discoveries, problem solving and analyzes. I hope to allow many to get out of this something useful or at least interesting. I am a user of free software and in particular GNU/Linux since 2012. It is therefore possible that subjects related to this are exploited.