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During week 5, 6 and 7, I have been to the debian conference 2016. It was really interesting meeting with a lot of people all so involved in Debian. Key signing party Each year, this is a really important tradition: people gather together and exchange GPG public key fingerprint and sign each other’s keys. This contributes greatly to the growth of the web of trust. I did exchange public key fingerprint with others.

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I have finally made a version of the queries code that can viably be integrated into the master branch of OpenDHT. I am awaiting my mentor’s approval and/or comments. What’s done Queries. The library will provide the additional following functions in its API: void get(InfoHash id, GetCallbackSimple cb, DoneCallback donecb={}, Value::Filter f = Value::AllFilter(), Where w = {}) { void query(const InfoHash& hash, QueryCallback cb, DoneCallback done_cb = {}, Query q = {}); The structure Where in the first signature will allow the user to narrow the set of values received through the network those that verify the “where” statement.

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I’ve been reworking the code for the queries I introduced in the first week. What’s done I have worked on value pagination and optimization of announce operations; Fixed bugs like #72, #73; I’ve split the Query into Select and Where strcutures. This change was explained here. What’s still work in progress Value pagination; Optimizing announce operations;