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Subtitles are fun, but I never know how to write those

Edited on 2017-04-26

about me

Hello. My name is Simon Désaulniers. I am a software developper from Québec. My first language is French and my second is English. In this blog, I may talk about anything I want. I like programming and new technologies. I am a former gamer and now more of a casual one. I like new ideas intending to bring power to the people like free, distributed and secured software.

Although this blog may mostly be about technologies and software, which I discuss in English for the sake of sharing with the highest number, I do tend to speak about matters concerning my surroundings and this is something I discuss in french . So you’ll be seeing both languages on the blog version.

Since 2016, I’ve been working on a distributed software called OpenDHT. This has helped me discover alot, so I’ll be posting a bit about this and other related subjects.

I’m also beginning a master’s degree at Université du Québec à Montréal in computer science. I may share some thoughts about this too.

If someone cares about this, I’ve been using the GNU/Linux distribution Archlinux exclusively since 2013. Like I said above, free software is a subject I like to discuss a lot, so you’ll be seeing me talk about this I guess.

Hope you find my blog interesting !


Public information

  • My GPG key fingerprint: 70B9 F71B 74C9 553D 01A1 A0EF 824A 8B97 F97E 4B08
  • My Curriculum Vitae: [en] (gpg: cv.gpg), [fr] (gpg: cv-en.gpg)